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Harsco Corporation is a global industrial company based in Camp Hill, PA. Harsco operates in 30 countries and employs approximately 11,000 people worldwide. The company provides industrial services and engineered products that serve large industries, including steel, railways, and energy. Harsco's common stock is a component of the S&P SmallCap 600 Index and the Russell 2000 Index.

A former employee shares her upsetting experience o indeed.com, "Got sexually harassed at Harsco by management, made a claim and got fired. Also, they quarantine people for COVID and you have to use your sick and vacation time to cover what they make you stay home for."


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Field Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Got sexually harassed by management made a claim and got fired. Also they quarantine people for covid and you have to use your sick and vacation time to cover what they make you stay home for.NoneFavoritisms"

Crane Operator (Current Employee) says

"The Harsco way is who you know and who you blow. Horrible place to work PPE is always a hassle to get because foreman are lazy yet complain when you don’t have it. Treated unfairly one slip up and your hated by all lead people. They don’t care that about your outside life or if your sick. They claim family is everything but yet make you work ungodly hours. Favorites are chosen and will get treated better. No matter how hard you work you will NEVER get a thank you. If you have a family don’t work here. This company expects typu to me robots that don’t have feeling don’t get sick and can work in extreme heat and extreme cold would talking any breaksNoneForeman are horrible and everyone treated bad"

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Do Not Waste Your Time Horrible Management and managers with Mental Problems that is causing this job to be always posted. They will let you go for no reason and you will have wasted your effort. They let people with personality defects run this company."

Welder (Former Employee) says

"They get you way out there to get you to be a helper. To pick up trash sweep mop and do janitor work not a welder position and the worst thing is the pay 15The unionThe pay the work condition"

Operator/Laborer (Former Employee) says

"The job itself is challenging and exciting. The management is by far the worse I have ever experienced. They work their hot end employees to their breaking points causing them to quit and find other jobs. Will not hire anyone ahead of time to fill the spots causing schedules of all the hot end employees to be screwed up. They call you every day your off to try and get you to come in and help out. They will never let you know ahead of time. Certain employees get special treatment and get to play the system with no consequences also causing all of the other employees to get screwed over. I would not recommend working for harsco of blytheville unless you feel like being screwed over time and time again and would like to work 7 days a week with phone calls of being asked to come in on your days off. Also every piece of equipment at the blytheville site is junk. Maintenance will not fix the issues just put bandaids on everything which in time is going to cause someone to get hurt.Decent payEverything but pay"

Sr Programmer Analyst (Current Employee) says

"No performance culture - Double Standards, no formal reward policy, No performance based pay, No transparency. Top management is confused."

vp operations (Former Employee) says

"The business is under severe economic stress due to the global steel and energy trends. The company is contracting vs growing.Compensation is competativeThey dont live by their values"

Plant Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Union employees are payed well. Actually make more than the supervisors or superintendent. Benefits are crude at best. In three years working there, i saw two district managers, two superintendents, a maintenance supervisor, and two production supervisors go through the door.place is running on band-aids and bubblegum."

Maintenance (Current Employee) says

"Micromanaging, morale killing sweatshop. zero teamwork. Unmanageable expectations, you need to take care of safety on your own hands because they will try to make you work in unsafe conditions"

Assistante Administrative (Current Employee) says

"Une très grande responsabilité pour ce poste mais 2 heures de trajet aller-retour à faire par jour.Diversité importante, très avantageuse pour la vie professionnelleRien à dire"

Maintenance Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"I worked in a company with old machinery, my job was to fix/maintain machinery working. I had to climb ladders and fix issues in high or tight areas, used multiple equipment/tools.On time at work, no absences, very hard worker"

Side frame welder (Former Employee) says

"They will fire you if you have an medical problem and don’t bring a doctors note I was in the hospital and was not coherent when I left so I could not get a doctors note I had to have someone drive me home and my admission papers were not enough to save my job."

General Foreman (Former Employee) says

"harso is a good contractor with a lot of talented people the project I was on was over a year in when I got their an spent most of my time finishing projects that were mostly completed witch made my job realy easy and upper management treated me very well all an all it was a good experencelots of overtimeworking 7 days a week 12 to 14 hours a day"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Currently struggling in a difficult economy. Largest division of the company is for sale. Other two divisions are doing fairly well.Good, hard working front line managersToo much overhead at the corporate level. Lots of layoffs over the past year."

Safety Manager (Former Employee) says

"Other than good pay and benefits. This was not a good company to work for. Threatened with holding back pay when you tried to leave the company. Was cussed by email and phone/text by management.Good payManagement was horrible."

Tech 2 (Former Employee) says

"It was a fun fast pace work environment. They had good health care. Well paid. Busy none stop. No team building. No moral. Employee's bullied others.Good Health CareEmployer bullying and bad moral"

Assembler/Production (Former Employee) says

"Company was great to work for before they change management. Management tell lies and will walk right by you and won't speak."

Ouvrier de production (Former Employee) says

"pas de vision à court terme ni même à long terme, incroyable"

Welder (Former Employee) says

"I loved it here at first, but the mandatory overtime began to wear on me. I mainly enjoyed getting my hands on so many different welding applications."

Heavy Equipment Operator (Current Employee) says

"the entire management group is missing a few chromosomes..make 50-60k a year doing none back breaking work. Hours suck a little. Its local and steady.Paymanagements shoe size and iq are one in the same"

Ryan Seamann says

"I will summarize my experience in the fact that the vehicle I hired uShip and their transporter to deliver to me was totaled while in transit to me. I fully realize accidents will happen, that's not the biggest issue, the issue is that the transporter delivering the vehicle to me didn't even have a commercial insurance policy. All he had was standard full coverage insurance, which does not offer the coverages when transporting vehicles as a business. I asked the uShip rep if they verify insurance coverages when I "company" is able to supply bids/quotes on their website and his answer was "no, we do not verify insurance coverages for any company before they are able to be one of our providers". The worst part of this deal, the vehicle being transported to me was a vehicle that my older father has owned for the last 25 years and I was keeping it in the family for my sons and I to enjoy. It is flipped on its roof driving at a high rate of speed down i95 and is now completely totaled! Thanks uShip for being a responsible business that at minimum verifies YOUR carriers have the necessary insurance before they transport someones pride possession. I fully expect uShip to not post this review but I want anyone and everyone to read this to better understand what their negligence has caused an innocent customer. This is just the beginning of many reviews to come."

Jon Baker says

"Uship charged a service charge and a deposit which also acts as a service charge. In total, I paid 33% of the shipping cost extra as fees to uship."

Frank says

"I guess it's your policy after payment is made to bilk another $150.00 out of your customers? MONTWAY INC. Charged me after I paid in full, which was on top of the $521.92 from my credit card. Very disappointed. I've been swindled. Uship says:We would like to advise you that while there is no doubt it is not the preferred experience, the brokers are 100% reliant on finding a carrier willing to book at the booked rate. This is their sole job and role in the shipment - so they should be good at it. However - with a fluctuating market thing can change quite quickly, more often than not the additional cost is what it would take to move the shipment via broker - it (should) also always be presented as an option before a cancelation. So, considering it was less than 12 hours I was quoted and paid in full, this wouldn't apply. Shady at best."

Julia says

"If I could give no stars I would. I am waiting for a car to be delivered in Los Angeles. It was originally supposed to arrive two days ago. Then I was told that it was going to be available in the first available slot after two days which would be today. Then I was told that it would arrive between 4 and 6. After trying for hours to reach anyone I finally heard back from the driver in very broken English that he would arrive at 8. Someone should have known hours ago that no one was coming in the window I was told and let me know. The biggest problem with this company is that they have no customer service. There is no phone number that gets answered. It occurs to me now that is by design because they don’t want to deal with annoyed customers. At this point I don’t have the car. All I have is a fist full of cash, because that is what I have to hand over to the awful driver, and hope that when and if the car shows up in the dark that I can properly inspect it for damage. Don’t use this company!"

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